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Ginn Mineral Technology is a mineral research and technology company. Areas of focus include Industrial Minerals, base metal resources, and the management of industrial waste streams. Process and product development and the commercial applications for minerals are key elements within our value propositions.

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Ginn Mineral Technology


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Ginn Mineral Technology:  Specializing in Mineral and Metal Resources, Industrial Waste Streams, and Land Exploration 

Ginn Mineral Technology specializes in industrial mineral and base metal resources, extracting value from industrial waste streams, and land exploration. White minerals such as kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, halloysite, titanium dioxide along with mica and limestone are evaluated from all over the world.  Base metal resources relating to copper and  TiO2, rare metals such as tantalum and tungsten, and rare earth metals are also evaluated for process improvements and waste stream developments.

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We offer two products:

PYROTEX MK, a meta-kaolin

Meta-kaolin makes concrete stronger, brighter and more workable while decreasing the amount of portland cement needed in the mix. It is also ideal for pulp and paper, construction, and paint and plastics.

PYROTEX HB, a calcined kaolin

Calcined Kaolin is used in the paper industry as a filler and pigment for opacity and brightness.  It is also used as an extender and additive in the paint, plastics, and other industries.

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Our Focus

Our focus is the Research and Development of minerals and mineral resources for our clients and partners.  Our innovative  process and product developments and the development of new mineral markets provide cost reductions, new market platforms, and more sustainable business and environmental models.

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"Environmentally Responsible" Mineral Technology

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability are major initiatives for many mining and mineral resource companies.  At Ginn Mineral Technology we have taken the leadership role of applying these initiatives to the mineral extraction and processing industries.  We offer a "unique solution set" that answers these challenges while reducing negative impacts on the environment and climate change. GMT strongly supports responsible management of industrial waste streams and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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